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Pensare: Verb, Italian, meaning, ‘To Think’.

The Pensare Group excels in developing strategies for growth that are both repeatable and predictable.

What We Do

For Organizations

  • Interactive Workshops
  • Offsite Retreats
  • Organizational Health Assessments
  • Put Business Plans into Action

For Executives

  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Centers of Excellence
  • Process Reviews

For Managers

  • Executing the Plan
  • Building Effective Teams
  • All-Hands on BD
  • Customer Loyalty Strategies

We thrive on success – namely yours.

Over 85% of our business is repeat business or comes through referrals. Why? Because we deliver on our promise to focus on your results. And, it’s your desired results we deliver.

We’ve served a variety of industries and companies of all sizes (emerging growth companies to Fortune 500), but a common element exists among all of our core clients – inspired leadership constantly in search of ways to unleash the full potential of their teams and their organization.

Our Approach

Our Approach & Tools

Through years of experience working with both managers and teams, the Pensare Group created the PATH Process™ from our best practices – the ones we have used to turn around projects, or to unlock the full potential of teams and organizations.

Pensare Proven Skills & Methodology
Actions with Accountability
Thinking about Attitudes
Habit Building for Sustained Results

This is a discovery learning process practiced by few where learners are guided in the application of knowledge so they make key advances on their own. Ask us about the difference between listening and watching (20% retention) versus doing (90% retention).

How often have you seen managers who are:

  • Highly educated and very comfortable in their area of expertise…
    Yet, lacking critical client relationship skills that at the end of the day can make or break contract renewals and new opportunities

Our specialty?

Designing customized professional development programs using the PATH Process™ that resonate with smart, client-facing teams who, with some new skills and attitudes, could collectively impact top-line revenue.

Our solutions build on the practitioner perspective and our facilitators artfully blend the roles of coach, trainer, facilitator and management consultant to get talented staff more successfully involved in growing and expanding the company.

Our Clients

What are the goals of our clients?

Loyal customers, repeat business, and referrals.

Who is our ideal client ?

The one asking,

How can I accelerate results by truly engaging my team in the growth of this company?

The question we address is how to get a company’s employee engagement to that next level where everyone is involved in strengthening client relationships and developing new business.

Our Clients Say…

Here’s what one IT Project Manager had to say during a program designed for client-facing project managers to increase identification of opportunities:

“… the job of selling doesn’t have to conflict with our personal values. I have always thought of the business development and sales aspect of this work as being either hat-in-hand humbly asking for work from people we know, or a bit of sleazy manipulation. But this program … does a really good job showing how just improving … the decision process and how to apply [key] skills can allow you to be successful … to meet clients’ needs in a much more positive way.”

Meet Renee Lewis

Founder & CEO of the Pensare Group

Founder & CEO, Renee Lewis

Renee has 25+ years of building successful businesses and business units. She loves to work with inspired business leaders who know they can do more with what they have but don’t have the time to invest to realize that potential. She has always leveraged her love of software engineering principles (that is, designing for efficiency and effectiveness) and getting things done through others (that is, managing difficult teams). Her most interesting adventures were turning around and then selling a technology company to Cerner (wonderful experience albeit tough ride), and creating a viable and productive team after a four-company merger to create a stronger offering in eLearning.

Renee earned a reputation for delivering on time and under budget technology and software systems. Her most interesting discovery was that it’s the people who deliver and create value while the technology is just a “means” to an “end-point.” When you don’t have the skills to harness the “means” to achieve a high-value “end-point,” you potentially fail yourself, your company and your client. Team after team, she proved this situation is avoidable when you give team members the right skills and targeted support, which is easy to achieve when you use our proven approach.

Today, Renee finds the best use of her skills and experience is working for inspired leaders to develop the skills and attitudes of that drive high-value outcomes and really make a difference either collectively or individually.  Blending her experience in eight different startup companies and her tenure in large Fortune 500’s, she also has a love for entrepreneurship and applying entrepreneurial methods in large organizational settings (“intrepreneurship”) to keep businesses thriving, fresh and alive. Interesting note: most intrepreneurial ideas come from client-facing managers described above.

Renee is a business owner, speaker, wife and mom. In her “spare” time, she is actively involved in her community supporting local civic and school associations. She spends time whenever possible consuming every business or history book recommended to her (please send your favorite book referrals!).

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